Romania / 1980 / 137’ / color / cinemascope / Historical movie / AG 


Directed by: Gheorghe Vitanidis


Screnplay: Mihnea Gheorghiu


With: George Constantin, Ion Dichiseanu, Emanoil Petruţ, Alexandru Repan, Ernest Maftei, Ovidiu Moldovan, Şerban Ionescu, Ştefan Sileanu, Corado Negreanu, Vasile Niţulescu, Mircea Anghelescu, Ioana Bulcă, Vlad Rădescu, Cseh Szabolcs, Constantin Dinulescu, Anca Szöny


Produced by: Film house 5


The film evokes the epoch of maximum growth of the centralized Dacian state founded by Burebista (George Constantin). It presents the Geto-Dacians' wars with the Celts and the Romans to reconquer ancient Dacian land and prevent Roman attacks. Having both his son Calopor (Ion Dichiseanu) and great priest Deceneu (Emanoil Petruț) on his side, Burebista elaborates a complex strategy pendulating between an alliance policy and offensive.


The film premiered in Romania September 22nd, 1980. 


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